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I'm coming from a Garmin ETrek Legend (8mb Blue), now I have a GPSMap62s and need a bit of clarification regarding the new capabilities, how to tame this thing.

I have basecamp running, no Garmin dedicated maps, just maps from this site I believe.
Mainly use the GPS while hiking or skiing on trails I've not been on before, but have been trying things out in the city before actually relying on it in the backcountry.

What in you experience is the best method, pro's/cons of each for traveling on unknown trails
1) waypoint to waypoint
2) create a route or a track then follow that

3) The unit has different profiles, some give a calculation error when trying to navigate to a waypoint.
(At first I thought it might have been due to the maps not being routable, not exactly sure what that is, not familiar with this option from the older eTrek Legend)

4) I see within the Maps I have, the Southern Alberta Trail Map is routable, what does that mean and what does that allow me to do over the non-routable Ibycus maps v4?

5) Any idea if these maps are routable?
Worldwide DEM Basemap,NR
OpenMapChest Canada 2020.04.17

6) If a map is transparent what does that help or do?
How can I tell if a map is Transparent?
If two maps are transparent, which map is displayed?

Thanks in advance for your responses, this site is really helpful,  :D
Thanks again  :)

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