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Hi all,

First off, I'm a complete newb so please bear with me.

I have just ordered my 1st handheld GPS (Garmin GPSMAP 66st) and am wondering what the best software is to make and manage maps, routes and all of my GPS related info. I've been reading a bunch of the forums and see a lot of mention of Basecamp, even though it seems to be end of life. I've also had a look at QGIS and wondering if this might be better suited to my application. Are there any other pieces of software out there that I should be looking into?

My use case in a nutshell:

  • Make and plan hiking routes for navigation on my device
  • Create a personal "database" of POIs, past routes, new routes etc (so basically a personal map). I'd also like to use this for storing recorded routes of where I've been
  • Oh... and I'm on a Mac

Thanks in advance!

PS: Apologies if this post was better suited to the "Map Making Support" category