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Hi all,

[Firstly sorry if this is a double post, my initial post messed up with the captcha after I edited it and then said I'd already posted it but it never appeared. It was in the wrong board anyway so I hope it just didn't work ::) ]

I've been sending my hair grey and almost lost my mind over this one, testing all different parameters and stuff for the past week and a half...

I've created some simple IMG maps for my Etrex20x using QGIS, GPSMapEdit and mkgmap. I'm using the 'golf course' polygon type as fill, as well as a 'state boundary' polyline for the outlines. My TYP file has custom fill and lines for the type codes I've used, and matching PID & FID unique to this/these map/s.

Everything's working perfectly on the Etrex. All drawpriorities, textures, lines and (where applicable) POIs are displaying with their appropriate custom bitmaps, and nothing is conflicting with the basemap. Absolutely nothing wrong whatsoever on the Etrex. Good to go.

However when in BaseCamp, if I connect the Etrex and display ANY of my maps containing polygons, all oceans and 'major' waters disappear from the map completely, and my TYP files conflict with the basemap (golf courses now have my custom bitmap, state borders have my custom lines, and the ocean/major water thing)... I do still see smaller rivers, streams etc - just no large bodies of water.

I've attempted including the 'default' TYP into my IMG, which made a small area around my polygons show some localised waters and a corner of ocean a few hundred kilometers away on ONE singular zoom level in BaseCamp.  :o This area did not correspond to any "Area of map selection/coverage" polygons. Overall not really much improvement.

The map only covers a small section of my state, completely inland. I just don't understand why the ocean's disappeared! I'm sure I've got something conflicting here but I'm now at my wits end and need help from the pro's  :)

If anyone's experienced this and knows what the problem is, I thank you in advance for any assistance you can offer! :D

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