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General Discussion / Need Your Help Keeping a Map Alive
« on: April 13, 2018, 11:30:42 AM »
The Canada Ibycus Topo Map is on the verge of becoming inaccessible.  As far as I know I am now the only person seeding this file.  It can be found on gpsfile depot in the Custom Maps section by searching for Canada but the author doesn't host it anymore.  It's only accessible via torrent.

I'm asking that the community help seed it to keep it active and accessible.  I'm currently hosting it and able to sustain 2mb/s upload speeds.  I won't post the link because it's pirate bay but it can be found on Pirate Bay by searching ibycus*  (with the asterisk)  It's the 4.0 version.  3.78gb filesize. 

It's a very useful resource, lets keep it alive!  Thank you!

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