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General Discussion / Looking for state & local trail maps.
« on: May 29, 2017, 08:11:42 AM »
Hi, been using the old heavy Garmin map60cs for 15yrs now to hike around NJ & PA for a while, but with age & wife not walking that well anymore I've dialed it back to short walks through state & county parks. So I've figured I'd lighten up a bit and buy an Etrex 30x. I've downloaded the old MapSource "MetroGuide USA" Ver5. onto the 32gb memory card. With plenty of space left, I'm wondering if these parks have a downloadable version of their trails map so I know where I'm heading.
Got rid of my smart phone (too much smart, not enough phone for my job) so I'd also like to use it exploring towns & cities. The 15 yr old metro guide works pretty good but I can't update it. Looks like Garmin maps has several downloadable versions of North America, but no explanation on what each one offers.

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