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General Discussion / BCN pure white layer
March 20, 2020, 11:38:58 AM
I'm very new to BCN.  I've downloaded some of BOB T's maps for WV ATV trails on there.
I'd like to view his maps in the program over a pure white background.

When I try to switch layers, It gives options for many types of maps.  I've tried using options for EU and other places.  Those do offer a white background but, it has offline symbols pasted all over that background which makes it hard to see the actual tracks and waypoints.

Any help in how to achieve a clean background would be appreciated.
General Discussion / Orux basics
March 31, 2017, 11:59:25 AM
Hey all, Mike from Pittsburgh here.  New to the forum, and Orux maps, GPS navigation....

I'm close to being technologically illiterate.  Requesting assistance getting the Orux app to work on my Samsung S5 with Bob T's ATV maps.

I have Orux installed.
I have Bob's zip file on the phone.  Read through his instructions.  I tried reading the Orux manual but its a bit over my head.

I *think* I have the map files that Bob provides in the correct directory on my phone.  However, when I hit the "maps" button in the app, I go to offline maps and cannot find the maps in the directory on my phone.

I have included a couple screen shots.  One showing the file directory on my device and one showing the popup message from the app. **Never mind** It appears I can't post a link yet and the image host on the site won't allow me upload anything yet. 

I can describe the location of "Bob T's" maps on my phone instead of providing a screenshot. 
Internal Directory/oruxmaps/mapfiles/WV ATV Trails 2016.TYP
Internal Directory/oruxmaps/mapfiles/WV ATV Trails 2016.img

When I am in the app, I press the map icon on the upper bar.
I press switch maps.
I have the option of Online or Offline
When I select Offline, there are no maps there.  There is a folder named Mulitmaps but, it is empty.

Can anyone tell me why I can't pull the ATV maps up?

Can anyone explain how I can get the maps to pop up?  I'd like the use the "WV ATV maps"