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GPSr Units / Nuvi 750 can't display California Topo Map
January 11, 2009, 01:48:29 PM
I have a NUVI 750, and would like to use it hiking in the SF Bay Area, so I very carefully followed the instructions on and also to download the California Topo map, and then using my USB connection, installed Bay Area selected maps on my Garmin Nuvi. 

Well, using TOOLS / SETTINGS / MAP / MAP INFO I can see TWO identical entries listed as "California TOPO' with the grid numbers I selected, in addtion to Garmin's "City Navigator North America NT 2009"  However, no matter what I select or fail to select, I cannot see anything that looks like a topo map.  If I select all of them, or the Garmin map, I get my normal "street" map view.  If I select only one of the Topo maps, I don't get any topo info, I simly get a stripped -down (no details) mostly blank view of my area, just showing Highway 101 and some nearby towns, and the Bay, .... no details of any sort.  I've installed a 4Gig SanDisk SDHC card, but on checking the card - there are no files on it.  What am I doing wrong?  Thanks!