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GPSr Units / Zagg Screen Protector
June 16, 2012, 12:20:20 PM
This might be the wrong place to ask,but I need help.  I had a Zagg protector on my Oregon 450 for about 3 years and tried to take it off yesterday.  Half came off as it is supposed to, the other half left a residue of hard, dried glue.  I've tried citrus based cleaner (recommended by Zagg), alcohol, WD40, Boeshield all to no avail.  I'm chicken to use anything stronger for fear of damaging the screen.  Any ideas?
When I power my Oregon up the screen immediately freezes at "validating update 0% complete"after the startup text.   If I repeatedly power off and on it sometimes will go to the normal home screen.  I checked the software version - I recently updated - and it now reads 3.71 beta in the "about" page.  I don't think that was what I loaded.  I tried updating again to 4.32 the latest, and I still get the frozen screen, and when I finally get it to power up it still indicates beta 3.71 software and gps software 4.48.  Anyone know what's going on?  None of these versions are what they're supposed to be.

GPSr Units / Waypoint markers Oregon450
May 18, 2010, 07:45:51 PM
I don`t know if this is a Mapsource or Oregon problem (or newbie user).  Just recently purchased a Oregon450 and downloaded some topo maps from here, and routes for bike riding from a cycling website. There are in both gpx and mps format. In either case, the waypoints appear on the Oregon as fairly large blue pins, usually obliterating all or part of the name or description of the waypoint.   In Mapsource they appear as small black dots, which is what I would prefer.  I have been unable to find a setting that will do this on the Oregon.  Using the waypoint manager in the Oregon shows the present setting for the waypoint as a small dot but the pin still shows.  Anyone else experience this?