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Hello, all.  I did some searching, but nothing specific to what I'm looking for.

New GPSmap 60CSx.  Downloaded Garmin MapInstall linked by this site.  Downloaded AZ TOPO through this site.  Installed, found in MapInstall, selected 9 grids, transferred to GPS.

But where did it go?  How can I access this newly loaded map on my 60CSx?  I feel pretty confident it transferred.  In MapInstall it shows that my microSD card has spaced used.

In the map setup page on the GPS, there is an "i" icon that looks like it should have additional maps to select, but I don't have anything to select.

Edit:  I notice on the screenshots for the download here it says "mapsource" in the lower left corner.  Mine says "basemap."
Oh, and Garmin says I have the latest version of software.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.