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Since I could find very little information about loading custom types into gpsmapedit I thought I would make a mini How-to on loading the custom types and how to get the same result you see in mapedit onto your map.

Make custom type .txt file
1- Create your custom types-I used GenTyp
2- Find unused types such as 0x11, 0x12, 0x30 to set your custom types to
3- Save typ file as a .txt file (do not check compile)

Setup mapedit to display the custom types
4- In gpsmapedit open your map
5- Click view>manage map skins
6- Click add and choose the .txt file you just made. ( 2 files will load day/night)
7- Now you can create or modify type on your objects to the custom type like you would for any other type and gpsmapedit will display it

Compile custom types into finished map
8- After creating your .img file open Mapsettoolkit
9- Choose your .img file
10- In the type files box, browse to your custom type .txt file choose it and check the compile box
11- Click start and your custom types will be added to the .img file/installer

And thats it  ;D the maps I have done this way have loaded correctly into mapsource and into my GPS

Note---------- GPS units have limited and ??different?? color pallets so colors that display correctly in mapsource may change  when the map is loaded into the GPS. for example one purple color i used always shows up blue on my GPS.

Anyways I hope this helps save someone a little time and I will edit in the future if I can think of anything else to add


Map Making Support / Problem with NSIS and registry entries
« on: February 24, 2010, 07:13:59 AM »
When I build a map installer with NSIS everything seems to install properly but the installer is not writing the registry entries. I have to manually run the xxx.reg file to get the map to load in map source This happens even when the installer is run as administrator. I am using the map_install.nis file from this site and the OS is windows 7. Does anyone have a fix for this or any ideas?

Prolly a different problem in XP
Just tried it in XP the NC map installer from this site works and I can load my maps into mapsource with mapsettoolkit but when I use the install.exe i made I get problem occurred with installation error and mapsource crashes. tried to manually run the  xx.reg file and got the same errors and have to uninstall my maps for mapsource to work again. BTW I have tried several versions of mapsource and they all behave the same way.
Anyway I am sure its something simple i am overlooking in the xx.nis script or maybe I should try a different program than NSIS.


Map Making Support / Question about custom typ and gps units
« on: February 24, 2010, 06:28:08 AM »
Hi all
I am finally getting far enough along with my county map project to start making my custom types for it. I made a bordered 3 pixel purple line for one trail type as a test. I have been able to load  them into mapedit and installed them into mapsource. Every thing looks good up to this point but when i load the map into my gps the purple line is now blue  ???  My guess is the GPS unit (etrex venture HC ) has a limited pallet of colors to work with. So I have two questions.

1-where can i find a copy of the most basic pallet that garmin gps uses.

2- Is it a good idea to use custom types this way in a map that other folks will be using. I am going to use them in a printed version and on my own GPS but was wondering if it will cause end-users problems with mapsource or their GPS.


Map Making Support / Finding elevation data for lakes/submerged areas
« on: January 25, 2010, 05:37:41 AM »
Hi everyone
I am working on a very high detailed county sized map and would like to add elevation data for the larger reservoirs in the county. The problems is the lakes were built around 1900 and I can't seem to find any data on them like I can the other lakes in the state that were built in the last 20 years or so. No topo maps, DEMs or lake maps of the area show this data either.  I am guessing that this data does not exist but thought maybe someone here might have a idea as to where to find it. The specific lakes I am looking for data on are Badin>Narrows>Tillery on the Yadkin/PeeDee river.
Freecat  =^_^=

Map Making Support / Problems with GNIS PROCESS and POIs
« on: January 18, 2010, 05:06:45 AM »
After making some very basic maps i decided to make a high detailed map of the area i live in its basiclly 4 1:100 quads in the centeral part of North Carolina.  I am trying to create a map set like the NCTOPO set that is here but way more detailed. I am GPS mapping all the trails creeks and logging roads, old mines etc..
I have been using the tutorials posted here and have everything for my map processed except for the POIs.

GNIS PROCESS seems to work but the output folder is empty. The only thing in the error log is:
C:\Users\Freecat\Desktop\POI\gnis.shp: shape (.shp) or index files (.shx) can not be opened, will just import attribute data.
C:\Users\Freecat\Desktop\POI\gnis.shp: dbf file (.dbf) can not be opened.

 I tried downloading a text list and converting to cvs then using online apps to convert to gpx. None of the converter apps seem to work but not sure if the main file is right.

I also tried to get the .shp files from another source (NCDATA) the files are ok but  none of the points are typed/labeled.
I hate to have to do this all manually has anyone got any ideas as to how i should proceed?
Freecat =^_^=

General Discussion / Hello to everyone and a windows7 mapsource tip
« on: January 08, 2010, 06:56:17 AM »
Hi everyone
Thanks for making this the most helpful gps site online.  :) I went from knowing absolutely nothing about gps and mapping to creating my own maps in just a few evenings thanks to the tutorials and info on this site.

I noticed that a few folks here are having trouble with mapsource on win7. After playing around with several different releases I found that version 6.13.7 is the most stable on my system and the newest release has the most problems, I could not maps to load correctly if at all in it. BTW I am running win7 64 bit.
 I hope this helps someone out and am looking forward to the day my mapping skills are good enough to post a few maps to this site.
=^-^= Freecat =^-^=

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