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Using The Maps/Garmin Software / Map Transfer
« on: November 28, 2008, 02:25:51 PM »
Thanks for the reply, Oz, regarding "Card Reader" and Map Transfer.  I now have a card reader and have loaded a portion of Arizona to the card as that is what I'll be using when I get to Arizona.

However, If I purchase Garmin MapSource City Navigator North America DVD to put on my computer and then load to my 60CSX, do I have to load Arizona again?  Seems to be the case given your reply.

If that is the case, then every time I create a series of waypoints and a track on, for example, an Arizona topo that you have supplied, then do I have to re-load all maps, including City Navigator?????

If I load what I call my "mini" maps that I've created in MapSource with tracks, waypoints, etc. to my Garmin using the cable and don't take the Card out of the unit, what does that do?  Does it erase everything on the card?  I have read everything in site and for the life of me cannot figure out how to store and use maps in my Garmin, including those maps, if that's what they are, that I create with routes, tracks, waypoints, etc..   If I load a "mini" map with tracks, waypoints, etc. what am I really loading?  A map or just data that goes over a map, like the Base Map that comes with the unit?  If it is an "overlay", can it overlay the Arizona topo if the topo that I've previously loaded is not erased.  Right now I can turn on the GPS and use the base map.  Worthless!

Good gried, Charlie Brown. I'm sure your prior explanation makes perfect sense to most people but I swear I must be as dumb as a box of rocks. 

GPSr Units / Card Reader?-Map Transfers.
« on: November 28, 2008, 06:08:53 AM »
I want to transfer the Arizona Topo that I got from this site to my Garmin 60CSX and have read the instructions on this site and in the Garmin user's manual.  What is a "card reader"?

Here is a portion of the instructions from this site:

Now plug your GPS in to the computer or but (I presume the word is "put") the memory card from the GPS (or the one you will use on the GPS) into your card reader.

I want to transfer the Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico topos to a 2GB memory card that I have purchased separately but don't know what a "card reader" is. 

Secondly, and more importantly, I don't understand the concept of map transfer in general.  Can one transfer an entire topo, like Arizona as I stated in the prior paragraph?  If I create a "small" map containing waypoints or a route on the Arizona map, do I then transfer the "small" map that I have created and does that map become a "map choice" on my Garmin or does transferring the small map just overlay the big map?   Currently I have just the base map on my Garmin 60CSX and I want to use the device for off roading and hiking in Arizona.  I'm having a very, very, hard time understanding mapping, GPS units, and the use of software like MapSource (and ExpertGPS) to connect the two and use the GPS.

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