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GPSr Units / FL Topo Maps on Garmin Montana 600
April 18, 2012, 02:14:00 PM
Thank you to everyone who helps misguided souls like myself in the GPS world

I have a new Montana 600 and use it for Driving and Geocaching. I have NA City Maps and it shows enabled, I have GPSFileDepot FL Topo maps installed and it show ENABLED. However only the City Maps will show.  I have tried renaming files and read through the many posts. The biggest thing that I have not seen in the posts is when I  go into the GPS unit it show these files NorthAmerica_2012_40.gma
I am assuming the NorthAmerica_2012_40.img is my City maps and  under the Garmin Folder I can see this file as well fltopo.img which I am guessing is my FL topo map
Help! Want to go Caching with Topo Maps,, THANKS in advance