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I would like to set up my handheld with some nautical maps. I love the SE US one that I got here on gpsfiledepot, I have not seen any nautical ones.

Right now I'm using my astro 320, which is the garmin 62 only it tracks doggies. I am thinking of getting the new garmin 64. The power button is getting stubborn on my astro and I've been lusting after the 64 for some time now. My other option is the garmin stiker with fishfinder.

We have a plotter on the boat but it's used and we are still working out the bugs, plus learning how to use it. I would like a handheld as a backup, and because I like them and I'm used to them.

It's my understanding that there are different garmin maps depending on which garmin unit you have, there are some available for the handhelds. This is fine, it's just to suppliment the chart plotter/fish finder.

Anybody have any suggestions or ideas? Thanks in advance.
I keep getting this error:

The Receive from GPS command could not be completed.  An error occurred while receiving data from your Garmin Astro 320.
An error occurred when reading saved GPX data from your Garmin Astro 320.
This XML file contains one or more errors.

In basecamp it will actually still import the other gpx files. In easy gps it will not. I get a message that it can be "repaired" if I send the file to them.

What is the initialization.gpx?    I seem to remember having to rename gpx files when I import them so they do not overwrite other gpx files. And I seem to remember there is a file on the units that you must remember not to delete.

All I want to do is organize my waypoints and tracks and back up my data, which I used to easily be able to do in easygps. I also used mapsource but I guess now it has been replaced by basecamp.

Anybody know what's going on? Thanks in advance. The astro 320 is based on the garmin 62 if that's any help. I have installed the SE topo map on the unit as well, which works fine.
GPSr Units / astro 320 bugs
October 01, 2011, 06:12:19 AM
I guess it's bugs. Ive been testing mine in the yard and around the neighborhood by placing the collars on a stationary device. I've read some reviews online that were good but mine doesn't really track the collars well. Plus for some reason I cannot make the dog tracks not display.

THey are supposed to be based on the 62 but the software and buttons are differant. I wanted to do a master reset but cannot figure out how.

I did the reset that is on the unit and all it did was revert all the settings back to default. The system is still the latest, thw tracks ans waypoints are there, even the dogs are there. I don't think much was reset.

I have tried having it connect to the collar units several times. I even made it do a software update on one of the units. It connects just fine and displays the dog names. It doesn't point to the collars though.

I got it from amazon, over 800 bucks for the unit and 2 collars and I'm afraid I will lose my doggies on it. I couldn't even use it to find one of the collars I had placed. I had to try and remember where I put it. Luckily I was in my yard and would have found it eventually.

It jumps a lot and sometimes it will say the collars are behind me or to the side. I expect a little drifting but I also expect the direction to be sort of right. I never get a message that I am approaching a dog, because it never knows where the dog is I guess. I didn't even know I was supposed to get a message like that but the new update was supposed to fix this feature.

Garmin is closed right now. I am making a list of copious problems (I am not mentioning some of them in the name of brevity). I got everything from amazon and could send it back but I would rather call garmin and try to resolve the issue.

Most issues are really user error. There have been several things on my oregon I had trouble with but it was just me. I also have a vista and venture. I've had others in the past. I'm very familier with the garmin software, I just don't think it's me this time.

I am afraid of spending too much time trying to resolve these issues I won't be able to return teh stuff. I thought of returning it and getting the astro 220 that has a lot more reviews but the new model has a longer antenna and range that I would like.

Can anyone offer any tips and suggestions? If I knew how to do a super duper master reset I would try that but I can't find it.

Bummer.  :(
Using The Maps/Garmin Software / MAPSOURCE FRUSTRATION!!!
November 07, 2009, 08:10:45 AM
It seems like I am constantly having to reinstal mapsource!!! The last time I did it thought really seemed to fix it, or so I thought. I have a vista and a venture and have 2 partial maps for the venture. I have to load them from the computer cause the venture doesn't have a slot, but when I got to NC I got an error message saying that soemthing was wrong with the SE map and it had to be reinstalled! I did reinstal that one, and I am getting a message from teh gA map now!!!!

I think it would be easier just to try reinstalling mapsource again! Or look into that mapsoource free way of transferring maps to gps's.

It seems like garmin could make something AT LEAST AS GOOD AS THE FREE STUFF!!!

Mod note: Edited thread title... keep it civil folks, there are children that read this forum.
GPSr Units / cannot toggle between maps
October 12, 2009, 05:19:53 AM
I have tried this twice so far. I first loaded the ga and nc maps, which is awesome but I could not toggle between them, which was no issue at this point.

Then I found the southeast map so I loaded that. I decided I wanted to be able to toggle between the smaller state maps and the large map so last night I attempted to load the three, with the plan of toggling between them somehow. I had already saved the nc/ga mapsets so I chose that, then chose the se map.

I am at work and cannot take pics right now but the only thing I can select are the bizillion little files that make up each map.

Is there some way to save each map as a complete mapset? I tried renaming them during my first attempt but that didn't seem to work. I must be doing something wrong.

As it is now, all the map files I have loaded are selected to be displayed. Is this going to make the maps superimpose when I get to an area covered by two differant maps?