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I have two different SD cards one works well, one doesn't.  I transferred maps from here onto both using mapsource.

On the card that works, I have AZ topo, Midwest Topo, MInnesota topo, western ownership and some trail maps.  When I want to show or hide any of the maps the name of the map is shown (Hide Midwest topo).  Just like it should. 

On the second SD card which I did today, I transferred Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, Oklahoma, portions of Midwest topo, and Kansas walk in hunting area from the Kansas Department of wildlife.  On the Map setup-Information page it shows the map loaded with the following name:

"Custom mapset, maps uploaded with Sendmap Oct 2010"

Also it has "hide" or "show" listed several times, but does not have a map name by those items.  So if I want to hide Iowa, I have to guess as to which one it is.

The only thing I may have done differently, is loaded directly to the card using a card reader.  Also, I downloaded mapwell when getting the maps from the Kansas department of Wildlife.  Could that be installed into the mapsource and that is now the default transfer program?

Any insight is appreciated.

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