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I am thinking of buying a Garmin Etrex Summit HC as my first hiking gps.  I realize that it is limited by the 24MB internal storage size.  I live in Western North Carolina close to the Pisgah National Forest , Dupont State Forest and Blue Ridge Parkway and do almost all of my hiking in these places so I don't need a lot of memory to hold something like a whole state or the whole Southeast.  I'm wondering if 24MB is large enough to store these 3 places, which are fairly close to one another.

I would also welcome comments from members of this forum about the Summit HC, other than the memory size limitation.  I'm particularly interested in how well free maps can be used with this unit because I hate the way Garmin overcharges for their maps and even after you purchase them doesn't allow you to use them on a new gps if you upgrade.  So, in essence you're only renting the maps, not owning them.