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I tried getting the map set placed here by Oz, but my edition of GPSMapEdit (version 0.99b, a freeware version) refuses to load any of the maps. Here's an example of the error message that it produces. Should I expect this to happen with this software?

Edited to say, the maps in the "Northeast topo" series load to GPSMapEdit just fine. So it's not that I have software that doesn't work.


Loading data from file 'C:\Program Files\GPS\IMG maps\Northeast\USStatesandCounties\54881258.img'...
* Block size:   1024
* Updated:   2008/07
WARNING: The file header contains incorrect data offset field.
ERROR: loading has terminated.
1 warning(s).
Load time is 0.00 s.

Map Making Support / Duplicate data in map files
« on: June 22, 2009, 04:23:22 PM »
A while ago I noticed that a place name on a map was wrong, and I decided to fix it up using GPSMapEdit. When I did that, the corrected name appeared overlaid with the wrong name--which made me think it had been in there twice to begin with. I exported the file from GPSMapEdit in Polish format, which is a human-readable form, and sure enough, there were identical features, now with two different names. Back in GPSMapEdit I used the command "Remove Object Duplicates", and it found plenty of them.

The file which covers my home in Massachusetts is a good example (94537047.IMG). It has a size of 9.25MB, but if you import it to GPSMapEdit, eliminate the duplicates (68470 of them!) export it and re-compile to an IMG file, it shrinks to 7.51MB. But given how long compilation takes with cGPSmapper, I'm not going to do it for very many files.

I don't want to seem like someone who's ungrateful for free stuff! Having these maps available is what really makes owning a mapping GPS receiver worthwhile, but it seems as though the files do have this excess data. I wonder if the people who create the map files are aware of it.

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