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Also, when I plug in my GPS to the computer, the "All Data" folder in Basecamp which shows whats on my GPS now, shows all the points I put into it...They just don't show up on my GPS.
I noticed when I started using Basecamp, my gps unit has double waypoints in it, now.  I extracted all data to basecamp, then deleted all the waypoints in my GPS.  Then I sent all the data from basecamp back to my GPS, but only got some of the waypoints back...maybe 25% of them.I can see all the points in basecamp, but they're not transferring back to my GPS.  Any suggestions?
The data I changes was renaming some tracks, changing some waypoint symbols, and deleting some useless waypoints.  When I downloaded base camp, an update came in from Garmin to my GPS, maybe that did it.  But thanks, I went into profiles an it wasn't on Recreational.  I switched to it, and now it's back to normal.  Thanks for your help.  Something must have been switched during that update.
So far it seems pretty similar.  I noticed a couple things with it, so far.  Basecamp freezes up once in a while.  It locks up and I have to restart my computer to get it working again.  Also, I lost some map resolution on my topography in my unit.  After I did some data editing in Basecamp, I sent the data to my device.  When I checked it in my GPS, I noticed I can't see the creeks and streams anymore.  The name of the creek is there, but no stream.  This is a problem because I am a trout fisherman.  The topo I have in my GPS is the "Northeast TOPO US part one of three".  In Base camp on my computer I can see the creek, but not on my GPS anymore...any thoughts?  (map setting are set to "highest")
Thanks for the info, Boyd.  I'm downloading it now.  Hopefully it's as comprehensive as Mapsource.
I got Mapsource from this sight and have been using it with my Oregon 450 for almost a year now.  It's been working great, until recently.  I tried to download some recent waypoints and tracks, but only the tracks download.  Even if I click on the box that says waypoints (on the recieve from device menu) I get a pop up box that says "The selected device has no waypoints on it".  I used this mapsource last year to download all my data from my old E Trex, and I downloaded data from my Oregon before, but now it's not working.    I can edit tracks on mapsource and send to device OK.  Is there a setting I'm missing here?
GPSr Units / Distance calculation on oregon
March 02, 2011, 04:46:56 AM
The Etrex Legend had a feature on the map page called distance calc.  I could move my cursor to a point on the map, reference that point (without marking waypoints), and calculate a distance and bearing from there; again and again without marking or tabbing out of the map page.  Can the Oregon do this?
  Also with the Oregon, when on the map page, I tap the page and get the pushpin.  An info bar pops up at the top. It displays bearing, distance, and either coordinates, elevation, or land feature.  Can this info bar be manipulated to always show coordinates, or be altered in any way?
GPSr Units / Re: Projecting a waypoint
March 01, 2011, 04:46:45 AM
Thanks Foresterscott, that's exactly what I wanted to know.  I just got this unit last week...still learning.  I'll try some Whereigo stuff; not very familiar with it yet.
GPSr Units / Re: Projecting a waypoint
February 28, 2011, 07:35:19 AM
This scenario really doesn't have a lot to to with projecting, but it's something I would do if the unit is capable.  Let's see if I can explain it better:  I'm in the woods with my GPS and I have a buddy armed only with a compass.  He's 1 mile away from me.  I have a general idea where he is, but he's now lost.  He said he's at a fork in the river and I want him to come out to a road intersection.  On my GPS topo map, I mark his current location at the fork, then mark a waypoint at the intersection.  I want to know the distance and bearing for him to set his compass to so he comes out to the intersection.  Right now, I can set all these points and get the coordinates, but any bearings and distances are all relative from my current position, not his.  Is there a way to get bearings and distances between two points away from my current position?
GPSr Units / Projecting a waypoint
February 28, 2011, 05:26:39 AM
I know how to project a waypoint.  I have an Oregon.  Let's say, I have 2 waypoints away from where I'm at currently.  Is there a way to find the distance and bearing between the two points?  The closest I can figure it out is to create a new route.  This gives me the distance between the two points, but not the bearing.  Any thoughts?
Thanks for all the input.  I got a bunch of maps drawn up, now.  Yes, 1 custom map folder in the unit.  That got me 5 custom maps to fill the tab.  So, the only way around that is to get microSD cards and put 100 tiles worth of maps on multiple cards and carry them along?  It's very simple to pick 5 maps off my computer and load them into the unit, but sometimes I'm away from a computer for 2-3 weeks. 
Ingrid, that worked.  The resolution is pretty bad, though.  Foresterscott,  that worked out great.  The resolution is much better.  Is the 100 tile limit only for images stored in the GPS, or can you store more on the micro SD?  Thanks for everyone's help!
Thanks Boyd.  I looked at your map.  It's exactly what I'm looking for.  I'm fairly new at this; I didn't know a "raster" and  "usgs quad" were the same thing.  It's unfortunate those rasters can't be loaded into mapsource; that's what I've been using to manage my data.  So, can I find those types of maps for Northern Wisconsin and the UP of Michigan?
I recently purchased a garmin oregon 450.  I downloaded mapsource and gpsmapper from your site.  I then downloaded NE USA Topo part 1 to mapsource and loaded it into my GPS.  It worked great.  Now I wanted to see if there's a way to get some actual scanned usga  maps to mapsource.  Those are the most detailed maps I can find.  I've been using paper maps printed at home for years.  Is there a way to get these on my GPS?  Or, are there other maps available that are as detailed as the quad maps?