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Thanks - I just got through going into the User Defined Styles and turning off every other pixel and then turning off the background and it works great.  I can still see the other map data that you had created underneath my new polygons.

Makes sense - thx. 

I wonder if there is any way to get that custom type instead of recreating the wheel???

I was able to merge maps fine using Mapwel, but even after setting the map as "Transparent" it still covers up the built in maps.  Even tried setting the Draw Priority all the way up and all the way down with no luck.

Thanks Boyd - I'll check it out.

Now I have to figure out why the img file replaced the existing dataset instead of Merging it like it should have (I marked the check box for Merge).  It seems like MapWell downloaded the existing map file from the Garmin, then said it processed, then uploaded to the GPS.  But what I ended up with was a file that didn't have any of the data showing.  When I went back in to MapWell and told it to just send that one file, it did send it fine.  It just looks like it may have trouble with the Merge.

Thanks guys - I really appreciate the help....

My PLSS overlay mapset was created from State file data in vector shape file format downloaded from BLM's public websited. 

And did you use the process described in the Tutorial that Boyd is talking about or a different method?  I am looking to do something very similar to what you have done, except I'll be using some property boundaries that I have mapped in a polygon shape file.

Sounds like we have a lot in common.  I've been using the Mac since the first release in '84 and only use windows for MS Access, which I convert into FM, and for ArcGIS.  I'm running Parallels for those, but keep all my data on the Mac side to keep it more secure.

I'm trying to put property boundary file on the Nuvi.  I have it in ArcGIS as a shape file (polygon) but can convert to a .kmz file if that would be easier to convert.

I've got a client who is interested in getting all of his property into something similar to the Google Earth kmz file on his iPhone, but wants it on his Garmin Nuvi.  Is that how things like the PLSS Overlay are created?
I see that you are a fellow FileMaker user.  I've been using it for over 12 years now and find new things to do with it all time.  I'm not a programmer, just a user, but I get a friend to help me if when it comes to serious programming in the app.

Is there a tutorial for creating the .img file?  I can save out the shape file to a .kmz file if that would be easier to convert???

Is there any kind of tutorial or other article about how to convert a shape file from ArcGIS to a gmapi file that I can then upload to several Garmin GPS units?  I've created Custom Maps for Garmin, but this would be polygon data.

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