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Hmmmm well I got the Ibycus map working on the Montana.  I reformated the SD card while it was in the GPS and put the folder Garmin on it.  I then copyied the CA-Central map in the folder and it did not work.  I deleted the CA-Central map and copied the gmapsupp (Ibycus) in the folder.  The map just show up on the main screen?  It is not in the map menu or anything like I can't enable or disable cause it is not in the map menu.  I'm good with that as that is all I wanted for now.  Thanks for all the help.  Just in time for hunting season hopefully put the GPS to good use.  Thanks again everyone.
If it is any help I have an Garmin 60CSx with the Ibycus Canada Topo on it that I loaded years ago.  If I can get that map on the new Montana I would be happy with that.  I did sort of try this by copying the gmapsupp file that is a disk image file to a folder on the computer I'm using.  Not sure how to get that file onto the Montana or if it would just work like that.
Yes it is a brand new GPS it does have some waypoints and a few tracks on it but not other maps other than what came on it.  I'm not sure I follow what you were talking about with the MAC version of the map?  I'm using a windows 10 computer and I do have basecamp I think the lastest version and also mapinstall. 
Hmmm I did not find the setting for internal or external maps.  I did make the folder change on the SD card.  I also have renamed the map to Ontariomap but still nothing of that name comes up.  I'm looking in the map tab it brings up a blank screen now because I have all the other maps disabled.  I hit the 3 bars that brings up the map menu then hit map information select map.  When it hit that brings up the maps Worldwide DEM, CA Brampton, BirdsEye and few more.  Like I said I have disabled all of those maps.  Am I maybe looking in the wrong spot?  Should I default the GPS and start over?  I must be doing something wrong its a brand new GPS.  Thanks for all the help so far.
Ok so I did not format the 32Gb I installed.  Thought I read somewhere I didn't have to.  I have formatted now as FAT32 with a windows computer and have installed in the GPS.  I named the SD card Derek.  After plugging in the GPS to computer the GPS comes up as Montana F: and the internal storage comes up as Derek G:  There is no folders under G.  There is still a Garmin folder under F.  The CA-Central file is under the internal G in the Garmin folder.

The other .img files in the internal storage are gmapbmap 47,624Kb and gmaptz 572Kb
The CA-Central file is 1,333,568Kb that is in the internal storage.  The file on the computer is the same size.
Ok the Montana 680 I have is not showing in the map I moved to the Garmin folder of the GPS.  I downloaded the map and unzipped it and saved to my computer.  It is now an .img file.  I moved it from the computer to the Garmin folder in the GPS.  There are other .img files where I put this one.  I go to the maps screen and there is nothing in there that says CA-Central.  The instructions on the map down load screen says I should just be able to move the windows version of the .img file to my GPS.  I must be missing something.  Thanks