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General Discussion / garmin topo 24
« on: November 10, 2017, 09:56:05 AM »
Hi this is my first time to use a forum of any kind.   I'm having trouble loading maps to my gps. I have both mapsource and basecamp. I also have garmin topo usa (100) and garmin topo 24. I live in the north west corner of Colorado and find myself crossing into Wyoming and back often when on my atv. I would like to make a single map of northwest Co and southwest Wy . Garmin topo 24 has them separated in two different sections southewest and north central. I own both. I would then like to put the smaller map on my nuvi 200. I would not be opposed to removing the street maps because I have several garmin gps units. My question is how do I do this. Also I would like to load the garmin maps onto my computer if possible. Thanks for any help

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