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Thanks all, up and working great now.  I did have the full set of Basecamp installed with Garmin map installer.

All it took was to unzip the file, then open it with Garmin map installer.

I compared it to an event I did today with recording the track on Gaia, and then imported the track GPX in and overlaid it on the northeast OSM too with trails, and it was incredibly accurate.
Thanks again-

I am having issues downloading OSM too routable for the northeast into Basecamp. I am using Basecamp 4.6.3 & Mac OS 10.12.5.

I download the file to my computer then try to open the file with either Basecamp or Garmin Map install.  Each gives the same message that it cannot be installed. I have then opened Basecamp and tried to import the file and get the same message each time.

I have followed the GPSfile depot step by step and get the same thing,

Any suggestions on how to get this to wok? Thanks!