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General Discussion / Re: BaseCamp Topo Canada v.4
June 04, 2014, 08:48:19 AM
The problem is solved by downloading of fresh Topo Canada v4. Apparently it is the same topographically, hence it has the same v.4, but knows what 64-bit OS is. I do not know how to distinguish one from the other, but mine was originally downloaded in 2009 and was 4.83Gb in volume, the one downloaded now is the same name, version and attributes, was posted in 2010 and is 5.21Gb. 

Meanwhile, I have tried Ibycus 4.0 - well, it loses to Topo Canada hands down. Topographically I mean, many trails and FSRs in AB & BC which present on Topo Canada and do exist in reality are missed in Ibycus.

Garmin tec support are not very helpful, and very slow, anyway the problem was solved yesterday, and they contacted me today suggesting to install the newest BaseCamp. Which I did long time ago.
General Discussion / Re: BaseCamp Topo Canada v.4
June 03, 2014, 12:36:09 PM
Nope, there is set up, which I use.
BTW, Javawa produces a line Topo Canada v4 in dropdown menu, but opening it produces an error.
General Discussion / BaseCamp Topo Canada v.4
June 03, 2014, 04:06:44 AM
This is a repeat of my question in another thread which gone missing.

Anyway, Windows 7 64-bit, Base Camp 4.3.1, does not see Topo Canada v.4, I tried to download, it made no difference

All works well on Win 32-bit machines.

Is there a way to make them see each other on Win 64-bit, w/o running XP mode on it?
General Discussion / BaseCamp Topo Canada v.4
June 02, 2014, 05:56:05 PM
I have the same problem.

Win7 64-bit & BaseCamp 4.3.1 & Topo Canada v.4
I have done all the tricks, including downloads, to no avail.
Anyway, is there a system solution?

The map worked well on XP machine... Does that mean I have to run XP in Win 7 now?

Help please. 
GPSr Units / Re: text language
August 13, 2010, 09:49:42 AM
Yes, I do need a language which is not in the list.
GPSr Units / text language
August 12, 2010, 03:17:58 PM
The GPSmap 60Cx has 4 languages to choose from. I need something else. How can I set up a language which is not in the menu.
Thank you guys.
I have experimented with both. That is a freeware, so what one would expect? Mapupload starts, thinks with a message "merging maps" for an hour then "unexpected failure". Sendmap actually breaks img files to specific map sheets, so there is a possibility to choose what to load, but the result is funny, some sheets got loaded some not, though they were selected for. Then I tried to load them as if I had no tdb, that did work properly, until the gps started, which did not recognized the new map. It was in all right, but the unit kept saying "no map".
There is a possibility that all this is due to how mine computer works. But I just gave up at this point. I will be back to the task later on if I got blinded and lost by my blind ibycus currently in use.
Thank you,
For some reason the site you gave does not work very well, it just hungs on for ages.
Anyway, now I see my problem, I got several gmapsupp.img files from the net and I'd like to use them simultaneusly in 60CX.
I see several ways:
1. break a gmapsupp onto single map files then get them into mapsource,
How to do it except than to go for that hunging site
2. rename gmapsupp to something else like gmapbmap or gmapprom. I have tried, nothing worked on mine 60cx
3. each gmapsupp to each own SD card, I do not like it
Is ther a 4's way? Or how to cope with the first 2 so they work?

Thanks again
Well, probably I am posting in the wrong board. I mean that another one "using the maps" has the very same link to the tutorial as a sticky one, it also says that the tutorial does not work " Note: you cannot use this tutorial for the OSM routable maps."
The map I am trying to load is routable and OSM. How to put it into that mapsource?
I do have an older one. Renaming gmapsupp.IMG I would probably be able to use it along with a couple of others, but the others are in my mapsourse as well, how to put that one in?
I said that I try the first part of the procedure that is  "The Map Doesn't Have A .tdb File." The second part "The Map Has a .tdb File" works just fine.
I try to do what I said in the first post. Never tryed to put the file directly on to SD. Mapsource first. Am I wrong?
Even if I am, I need to put it into mapsource along with some other maps which already there. How to? If the tutorial is wrong, what is right? How to put that IMG into mapsource using the tutorial from the fist post or without?
Guys, I follow the first part of this
And get this message:
"In IMG file C:\...\63240000.img less detailed layer 1s 12 bits while you are trying to create preview with with most detailed layer at 14... Error PE11 preview map has to be less detailed than any IMG file in the mapset. Change level definition in the [MAP] section to a less detailed."

What is wrong? I not a programmer...
May be it is cgpsmapper? I have tried 2 currently available versions, one was free, another has to be registered, which I have not...

I am trying to load this file for canada into mapsource 

Any help please