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1.  When hiking I want to use the topo map; when biking the CN. Do you disable Topo map when biking, and vice versa when hiking?

2. How do you know if the sd card is being used?  I looked at the Garmin drive in Windws Exploere properties and only saw 900 meg, which I'm guessing is the internal built in memory.  Also - how do I direct maps to the sd card?

1) Yes, that will work. In practice one will always cover the other (probably CityNav covering topo) so you will only have to disable/enable the top one (probably CityNav) when you want to use the other one.

2) When you connect in mass storage mode and you have a sd card installed you should see two drives within Windows Explorer.  The first one should be labeled Garmin (or Garmin Dakota?).  The second may not have label and will just say "Removable Disk".  Once you find it you can right-click, select properties and give it a better label.  When you are in Mapsource downloading maps, on the final dialog hit the drop down box and select the sd card.

I'm not certain on which one (internal vs external) the units use by default - I've been mostly moving things around by hand.

ok - I reloaded CN again and now I have it with the original map. NE US Topo is gone.  how do I get both of them to be on the device?  they are both on mapsource.

I'm new with the Colorado/Dakota/Oregon units but I think they behave like the old ones:  when you load a set of maps from Mapsource all of the existing maps are erased.  If you want both topo and CityNav on the unit at the same time you need to select them both in Mapsource and load them together...

That being said there is a new feature for these units where it will allow you to place multiple maps on the unit without having to always load them together from Mapsource.  It is a manual process though - you would load the CityNav maps from Mapsource and then go on your unit (in mass storage mode) and rename the gpsmapsupp.img file to something else, like my_city_nav.img.  Then do the same with your topo maps, name them like my_topo.img.

Now your CityNav maps and topo maps will always be there and will not be affected by any maps loaded from Mapsource (which creates the gpsmapsupp.img file).

Hope this helps,

GPSr Units / Re: cannot toggle between maps
« on: October 12, 2009, 05:36:11 AM »
I am at work and cannot take pics right now but the only thing I can select are the bizillion little files that make up each map.

What GPS do you have?  When you are at the spot you describe above hit the menu key again - it should give you options to hide/show the entire mapsets.  See this link for more info:


Site Support / Contact Us form doesn't work
« on: April 29, 2008, 06:57:26 AM »
Hey Oz,

I sent a guy with some AZ feedback (he liked it) over here and he came back and said the your contact us form doesn't work...I tried it and it complains that the captcha (which never seems to change BTW) was not entered correctly.


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