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Thank you to eaparks for the steps to disable Google Earth updates.  My machine is running Win 7 Pro 64 bit.  I followed Method 1.  There were 2 services to disable, one was Auto(delayed) start, and the other was Manual start.  Both ran the same .exe.  There were 4 scheduled tasks for Google update, I disabled all 4.  Did an uninstall of GE 7.3.3 and installed GE 7.3.2, and it has worked for at least the past 15 minutes.  Time will tell whether it sticks.  I will update my comments if I find GE still somehow goes to auto update - I tried another 'tested' method yesterday which did not work.

As for why someone would try to keep old software running - I run Win 7 - need I say more?  Mapsource has all the functionality I want, and the link to GE is/was perfect for my uses.  I do have Basecamp installed, but since I have all the maps I use on my PC I have no reason to plug my GPS into the PC, and I don't use/want Birdseye on my GPS.  Thank you people.   
I use MapSource to view GPS topo maps, and use the View option 'View in Google Earth'.  That stopped working with GE Pro version 7.3.3, giving an error in MapSource indicating that GE was not installed, when in fact it is.  I can downgrade GE to 7.3.2 to get the link working again, but GE automatically updates, breaking the link.  What alternative GPS mapping programs are out there that link to GE and have functionality equivalent to MapSource?
I contacted Garmin and they told me the odometer was fixed with software version 3.8.  The current (as of Sept 29, 2011) version of firmware available for download from their site is version 5.0.  I installed this and the problem seems to be fixed.
I have a Garmin Oregon 200 that I recently used on a hiking trip.  The trip odometer seemed to be reading low, and was low in mileage compared to the guide books I have / trail sings.  The overall distance shown on the trip odometer was 7.57 miles for the distance I walked, but when I uploaded the track to Mapsource and looked at the track properties, the total distance shown in Mapsource for that track was 8.7 miles, which is closer to what I believe to be true.  Any ideas about this discrepancy?  I just updated the Oregon software to the most recent version (after the hike) so I don't know what my previous OS version was, or whether the update fixes the problem if there is a problem.
OK - I downloaded an update to Basecamp (3.1.2) to see if upgrading from my version 2.0.8 would register the product correctly and have it show up in the installed-programs list.  The update installed cleanly and Basecamp appeard in the installed-programs list.  I also noted that the .exe in the GARMIN folder in Program Files was updated and the previous version was gone.  I then removed Basecamp from the Control Panel Add-remove programs list.  This also ran cleanly.  When done, however, the .exe remained in the Program Files folder.  I deleted it manually from there assuming no registry problems would result.  I had contacted GARMIN support about this but they were not helpful. 
How to remove Basecamp if it is not on the list of installed programs on the Control Panel add-remove program function?  I also have Mapsource installed, and it shows on the list of installed programs.