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Hello , I just found out I will be Going to Kauai,One of the Hawaiian islands .
I am looking for a Topo/General map for my Garmin,Colorado.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thankyou,Renaissanceman1 :)

The process went smoother than I could Imagine. I borrowed a friends computer with DSL and updated the program and the Colorado as suggested . WOW I downloaded five area counties along the coast , With no problems. The Maps are great, I will figure out the donation thing next.
Thank you again for the support and info.
Sincerely, ;D Renaissanceman1

The site is great !!!  So much information   As I stated before I received a Colorado 300 as a gift
to start a cool new hobby .  I have played with the  GPS and looked at the site ,now I have only a few problems. The first is there are no topo maps as shown on the box . Stupid me for not reading ,and just looking at the pretty pictures.
Secondly I need help geting a Florida Topo into the machine, can this be done with dial up or do I need to borrow another computer,and lastly I am a computer novice to boot.

Thankyou in advance for any assistance. :D

I just thought I would say hi, and spend some time looking through the site, very nice.
  Yes I an a newbee, with piles of questions for later .  :D

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