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Title: eTrex 30 - all files lost!
Post by: discoBizz on June 06, 2012, 08:22:33 AM
Hi all, new member here so please bare with me if naive...

A couple of firmware updates ago (to version 2.6 I think), I lost all the files on my etrex 30, which I have had since last December; the "drive" (internal storage) now appears as if it has been formatted, with only a few of the original folders and files present.

The bad thing is, I no longer have any maps on the device (to be specific, the default basemap that comes with the device), nor will Basecamp restore my -free with the purchase- worth of BirdsEye imagery - of course the "Documentation" (or similar name) folder is also gone. The unit also has a dead pixel (shows red on a black background).

Garmin UK support have been appalling: after several unanswered emails, I ended up calling them and, with an attitude of "why do I even bother talking to you", their rep said they would not accept the unit back under warranty regarding a single dead pixel nor was there a way to restore the files I have lost (which as far as I'm concerned should not have gone anyway). He did offer to send me an SD card with a basemap(!) but that was four months ago and I am still waiting for it (he took my details and everything).

Other lost items include the preset profiles, page sequences etc, but I guess I can re-construct those... the unit seems to work ok other than the above.

So: does anyone have (or know where I could get) the default files on the internal storage of an etrex 30? How could I restore the BirdsEye imagery that's now lost? Should I persist and have them exchange the unit, which is still under warranty?

Any help would be very much appreciated

Title: Re: eTrex 30 - all files lost!
Post by: Indrid Cold on June 06, 2012, 12:02:05 PM
It's still under warranty so they should exchange it. Maybe the shop you purchased it from can help you. We can't provide you what Garmin has offered to send you.
Title: Re: eTrex 30 - all files lost!
Post by: Boyd on June 06, 2012, 02:52:52 PM
Disco, I saw the same thing that you posted over at GPSReview, where I'm one of the moderators. I noted that while your complaint is with Garmin UK support, your post was made from another country.

Did you purchase the unit in the UK, or is the UK branch of Garmin the correct location to service your eTrex? Does Garmin have an office in your own country? Here in the US, Garmin gets high marks from most users for their product support.
Title: Re: eTrex 30 - all files lost!
Post by: discoBizz on June 06, 2012, 08:46:00 PM
Thanks for your replies both!

Yes, the unit is a UK unit (bought there, "lives" there and under warranty), I'm travelling at the mo, hence the different post location...

I think it's safe to say that I should not expect anything to come through from Garmin (it was back in March I was told they would send me the SD card), which is why I'm trying to sort thing out myself.

I could just ignore the issue and live with it by using alternatives offered here (kudos to all contributors!!!), but I don't think that's the point... The content I am after is not even locked or at extra cost (other than the BirdsEye images, but not bothered about those TBH)...  plus there's the dead pixel...

I've raised a fresh repair/return ticket with them yesterday to see what happens, if, as I suspect, nothing comes from it, I'll take it back to the shop and explain the situation I guess...

Title: Re: eTrex 30 - all files lost!
Post by: Indrid Cold on June 07, 2012, 02:40:27 AM
Contact Garmin in the US and let them know that the European service story and see if they can get them to expedite your service ticket.