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64 Memory card and map size

Started by jpr28x, February 18, 2010, 08:47:51 PM

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I'm getting a 64mb Etrex Legend.

I notice alot of the maps are like 1gig on here.

How does that work?

Im sorry im clueless.... will I be able to get these on my 64megs?

do they get smaller once downloaded?  do you just chose smaller sections to upload?

about how much of the maps will I be able to use with my 64 megs???



This tutorial will tell you how to pick just the segments you want (just keep it under 64mb:

I have a 2gb card in my 60csx and 4 gb in my dakota and neither cost me more than $15 shipped (and shipping to alaska is expensive).
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Quote from: jpr28x on February 18, 2010, 08:47:51 PM
I'm getting a 64mb Etrex Legend.

If it's really just an "Etrex Legend", then it doesn't have a memory card slot and you will be limited to the amount of internal memory. The current models of the Legend series are the Legend , which only has 24MB internal memory and no card slot, and the Legend HCx which has a card slot.

The discontinued Legend had a black and white screen and only 8MB internal memory with no expansion. This was followed by the Legend C (which I used to own myself) which had 24MB internal memory and no expansion. Then there's the Legend Cx which is also discontinued; it had a memory card slot.

I'm not aware of any Legend that had 64MB. Do you perhaps mean a Legend HCx with a 64GB card? I would really advise against buying any of the Legend series unless it's the HCx. You will find 24MB extremely limiting.


Nah, its the HCx

I just ordered a 2gig.

Im new to this, but i have been learning ALOT in just a few days. Thanks for everything guys.