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How Do I Load Maps On My GPS Unit?

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We have a tutorial that will show you how to load maps on your Garmin GPS with either a PC or a Mac; click here to see the tutorial.

If the map you're downloading doesn't have an easy installer you can use this tutorial to load the maps into MapSource/Basecamp.  Note: you cannot use this tutorial for the OSM routable maps.

Indrid Cold:
Might be worth reading the following if you have one of these units:

This is the same system already used on the Colorado, Dakota, Oregon and the newest Nuvi models. Unfortunately, it isn't completely backward-compatible with mapsets created in mapsource that contain multiple products. So if you used mapsource to make a single gmapsupp.img file for your 60csx, that will not behave properly on any of these new units. You will only be able to turn all of the maps in that file on/off at the same time. You will not be able to select individual maps within the file.

The solution is to create new files which only contain one "product" each. But there may even be some glitches there with home-made maps. For example, if you use Sendmap20 to create a map file and name it NYtopo.img, then use Sendmap20 to create another file named TXtopo.img, these maps will have a generic name "Maps uploaded by Sendmap20" on the GPS. And the GPS will group them together, even though they are in separate files. So you cannot individually enable them on the GPS, they can only be globally enabled as a group.

Indrid Cold:
Then it doesn't sound like much of an issue unless you are using SendMap20. Maybe they'll have to update that software.

I think the unit just groups everything with the same FID together regardless of what file the map is in.

But having mulitple maps in gmapsupp.img is something else. They will need to be separated into individual files.

I noticed something else the other day about multiple map files. The "receive from device" command in mapsource will only recognize maps in the gmapsupp.img file. So if you have separated all of your maps into different files and given them names, you can't use mapsource to read them back in. You would have to rename each file to gmapsupp.img to do that.


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