Incorrect colors with multiple installed charts using MOAGU

Started by cane, January 04, 2010, 08:34:58 PM

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New member her so go easy!

First, let me say thank you to all who have contributed to this wealth of knowledge, and thanks to all who have made the various programs and tutorials. I have been trying to convert nautical NOAA BSB raster charts to .img files to use on my Garmin 76cx with some success and some failure. Working with 1:40k and 1:80k charts, I have been cropping them with Microderm, boosting the color saturation and levels with GIMP, converting the files with BMap2MP (using MOAGU), and adding the charts to Map Source with Map Set Tool Kit.  The only setting I change in MOAGU/BMap2 is to change the ID# to increase in sequence.

I have learned that I need to have a different Map ID# in BMap2 and Family ID# in Map Set Tool Kit to allow me to upload multiple charts into the GPS at once. However, I am suffering from a problem where when uploading multiple charts, some will display with the correct color on the GPS while others will have what is essentially the default Garmin yellow background with very faint words and markings, making those chart useless.  However, when the problem charts are uploaded individually, they display perfectly. All charts display properely in Map Source on my computer.

I have some charts that overlap in coverage, and those display properly. I have tried to crop the problem charts so they do not overlap with neighboring charts, but still have the same problem. Hopefully this is some easily corrected rookie mistake, so please tell me that I am a fool for missing xxxxx ;D

Thanks for your help


After some more testing, I have noticed that if I create a Mapset with Mapset Tool Kit and don't include a TYP file, than the chart displays with the incorrect colors in Map Source. Additionally, the TYP files for the corrupt charts share the same name as TYP files for other charts. This appears to be a result of the file names being cut short, so they only contain the first few characters, which is the same for a few charts.

As my computer runs slow if I try to convert the whole NOAA chart at once, I am cropping them into sections and naming them with a common name and then a cardinal direction modifier. Ex. Lake Borgne NW and Lake Borgne NE. For these charts, both TYP files were named LAKE_BOR.TYP  Each individual image file that I am using for the charts is housed in its own individual folder. This folder includes the TYP, .img, .TBD, and all other necessary files for the chart. I figured that separating each chart into its own folder would prevent any problems, but I may be mistaken.

Can I simply rename the TYP file to something different to try and prevent conflict, or is there some relation to its data with the file name?   

I'll try testing different methods, but I would appreciate if anyone has any suggestions on how to name and how to save different files when working with multiple maps to be uploaded at the same time.

Hope this make sense



Well, renaming the TYP files was the trick. Once I have a few more charts created I'll upload them for others to use. Sorry for the long conversation with myself, but hopefully if someone else has the same problem they will see this thread. Thanks again for the great site.

Edit: Thanks for the response. That is exactly the way I named them.


***Update*** More problems***

After making more charts and ensuring that they all have different Map ID,  Family ID, and .TYP file name, I have discovered that if I have more than 10 of my charts installed on my GPS, then only 10 show correctly. They display with the incorrect colors as before, but if you look closely, all the data is there. Depending on which ones I have selected, the last 10 alphabetically are the ones that show, so the problem is not with specific charts. If I upload any 10, then all work.

If I upload 10 of my charts and all of the USA South East Topographic map that I downloaded from this site (awesome map, BTW!), everything works fine.  This tells me that I am not limited to uploading 10 maps.

Each of my charts is only one segment.

Thanks for any help