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Loaded Topo map (.img) on Garmin 255w, now what?

Started by dart451, January 27, 2010, 10:25:32 AM

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Boyd is right about the limitation of 50 waypoints. You can just edit out a bunch of the waypoints with Mapsource. Any along a straight line. What I do is create the route or edit the track in Mapsource. Save as a gdb (so Mapsourse doesn't crash), convert the gdb to gpx in GPSBabelGUI. Send that gpx to the SD card, then import the route on the 500.

Works for me.


  Thanks Alpine! I'll give it a try. Last week I did some riding on the local trails and sent those tracks to mapsource and had no problem with that, but sending tracks from that site online turned out to be a bit different    :)


Alpine- We came across the gpx problem in mapsource some time back. If you open any gpx file, (even a dummy one ) first, mapsource will then let you save in gpx format. I had that problem and another poster mentioned this as a work around. It's worked for me ever since.
Good luck


Quote from: Boyd on January 29, 2010, 06:34:43 PM
You would need to go back to Mapsource or Basecamp and delete some of the via's (which are probably called waypoints on the computer). I'm not sure what the limit it - possibly as few as 50. I don't think it's any more than 100.

So it sounds to me like you somehow converted a track to a route... or maybe basecamp just does that automatically?
Boyds right, you will probably have to break down the route into several smaller routes[ 10 limit I think], if you don,t I found the unit ignores the route, and takes you, by the shortest route to the finish point, expletive, expletive, thing. >:(
I'm hoping to get out Trail riding shortly, and get some more time on the unit to better understand it's working capabilities.


Actually in MapSource in a route, they are called Via Points. Not to be confused with Way Points. Read the manuals for your unit to find the limitations on the amounts.