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Which map to get

Started by Bud1948, January 21, 2010, 04:25:18 PM

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I have got a Oregon 200 and would like to load a good map of Wisconsin & Minnesota that clearly show fields, trees, water and open areas and still be able to read contour lines. Some maps I have viewed with contour appear to be flat ground and maybe open ground. I need to be able to tell if that flat ground is bare field or if there is trees growing on that flat ground and still be able to see the contour or elevation marks. Thanks, Bud


That might be a problem with the free maps here (although I'm not familiar with what's available in your area). I've started making maps like you describe, but it is very time consuming and the files are quite large. I don't think many others are doing this:

So I suggest you learn how to make your own maps in Garmin's new "custom map" format. There are several free or inexpensive tools for doing this now. For starters, see Garmin's own instructions here:

And here are a couple other tools that can be used:


Two ways which might not be too difficult depending on the size of your area of interest:
   Download from the USGS seamless server
   1. a DOQQ or NIAP image (1 meter resolution) or
   2. a NLCD (land classification) image (30 meter resolution) - fields, trees, water, etc are shown by different colors.
   Either of these can be converted into a .kmz package and placed on the Oregon as a custom (image) map.
   The lines, points and labels in the topo map will be drawn after the image map (polygons draw before and will be covered over).
    There is a file size/coverage area limit to a custom map, so the DOQQ or NIAP imagery at 1 meter resolution (10,000 m by 10,000 m) may be too small for you purpose and you would also need some skill to interpert the imagery.
   Lets us know if you decide to go this route and I/we can provide some additional help.