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Started by Ed, January 07, 2010, 03:20:51 PM

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Both mapsets are self-installing; both have all their data as a single non-overlay mapset.  Since the SW Topo used the same contour interval (20ft) for the entire country as the CA Topo used, I would expect them to be just as obcuring, however, they may have been set to fully show at a more zoomed in level which would result in less clutter.  Both mapsets allow you to select as many or as few quads/tiles as you like to customize the area you place on the micro memory card.  SW Topo and NW Topo would be required to cover all of CA; as would US Planimetric SW and US Planimetric NW.  Each would be installed in MapSource and the necessary quads from each listed in the box at left and built and sent to the GPSr as one gmapsupp.img file.  See:


I should have thought of it earlier; you would not have to download the US Plaminetric SW/NW as you already have the CA TOPO which is composed of two mapsets, one planimetric and the second with the contour lines.  Just hide the CA mapset with the contour lines when you want better visibility of road and trail data.


maps4gps: Now that's a thought. As soon as the weather here in central CA. improves, I'll be able to go outside (so I can get satellites) and check if that will give me what I want. Thanks.


maps4gps; It finally stopped raining so I could get outside and try out your idea - IT WORKS. I was able to use the "stream" topo and get roads and trails down in the desert where we go without the elevation lines getting in the way. Next I need to get my Jeep to the local off hiway vehicle park and see how things work in reality. Again much thanks for your invaluable help.


Glade to hear the progress is good.
I am currious; if you are in the desert the 20ft countour interval should not be a problem, caould you give lat & long coordinates for an area which is an issue for you?


maps4gps: I used the desert only because I'm very familiar with the area around Lake Isabella and the Piute Mtns. near there. Specifically the area around N35 27.01 W118 20.59 where there's an old cabin and mine. I wanted the GPS to show the road(s) leading to it. If those roads showed up I figured others would as well. I also 4 wheel in the Northern Sierra around N40 11.42 W121 50.79


That is 'totally' useless.

The 20ft contours come on at the 500' zoom and the 100ft contours stay on through the 1.2 mile zoom.  Laura mentions she only used 20 and 100 ft CI's

A usable design would have been 20ft at 500' zoom, 100ft to 0.3 miles and 500ft to 1.2 miles.

Interesting that no one has mentioned this before - third most popular download with over 10,000.


wow that is pretty bad;  a rather difficult map since the state is quite large.
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