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Toggle Between Mapsets Rino 530HCx

Started by Banshee79, January 12, 2010, 12:31:05 AM

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I installed North America City Nav NT 2010.30, Kentucky Topo, and Trails 100K in my gps from mapsource. I'm using mapsource and a Garmin Rino 530HCx. On my handheld GPS when I try to toggle between maps there is 327 maps, so its hard to toggle between them. If I reinstall the maps is there a way on mapsource to name citynav for all those, and topo for them, and trails for those so i can toggle between 3 mapsets. Thanks


Not familiar with your model, but on most of the older design Garmin units, when you are on the map info page that lists all these maps, you would push the MENU button again and that would just list the different map families such that you could do what you want. Have a look at your owners manual for more info.

Indrid Cold

I believe it's the same as on a GPSMAP 60SCx, you need to go to the Map Setup->Information page and then press the menu button to show or hide mapsets.