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Saving favorite Waypoints

Started by Alan2, January 12, 2010, 06:19:58 PM

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I'm using a Nuvi 765.  I transfer caches into Favorites using Mapsource.  When I want to update the cache points from another Mapsourse file, I have to delete all of the Favorites wqaypoints including non-caching points like relatives' homes and business places I visit.  What is the best way to preserve the non-cache points to be placed back into Favorite?

ISs there a way to use GSAK for this purpose?


Sorry, I don't do geocaching. But on the Nuvi, everytime you start up a file named Current.gpx is created. The location might not be the same on every model - look for a folder named GPX and it should be inside there. It may be in the Garmin folder.

If you create a collection of your personal favorites (waypoints) in Mapsource, you can export them as a .gpx file. After deleting all your favorites on the Nuvi, take the file you created in Mapsource, name it Temp.gpx, and copy it to the same folder as Current.gpx on the Nuvi. When your nuvi starts up the contents of this file will be added to your favorites.

Alternately, you could just use Mapsource to send your collection of favorites to the Nuvi directly.