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Loaded a TOPO on my Nuvi now how do I use it?

Started by arrowchucker, December 30, 2009, 06:51:02 PM

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As my topic states I got it loaded but when I navigate I don't get the topo I get the same old map that came with it? Even if I go to Map info and uncheck the North American Map that came with it.


I think I may have figured this one out on my own. I selected the new map and zoomed out and there was the TOPO.
So it does work. BTW I'm pulling full bars for satellites in my upstairs bedroom. I thought you needed direct contact with the sky?


   The new gps's are amazing. I can get a good signal from inside my house. Also, I don't mount my older nuvi on the dashboard I keep it next to me on the seat and get a great signal. As far as the topo goes, my nuvi 500 displays the topo in walking or bycycle mode and the street map in driving or motorcylcle mode.