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Nuvi SD card question

Started by Queezi, December 29, 2009, 01:39:20 PM

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Went through the US topo maps on the site (Southeast, South Central, etc.) and created .img files of each section--named SEUSA.img, SCUSA.img, etc--and ended up with eight or so .img files that cover the entire US. Copied the .img files to an 8GB SD card and then put the card in my Nuvi 550.

When I went to look for them in the Tool/Settings/Map/Map Info window, none of the maps appeared. Went back to the SD card and renamed one of the files gmapsupp.img (it was NEUSA2.img) and the map now appears correctly in Map Info Window.

The question (finally!): Do each of the separate topo sections need to be compiled into one giant gmapsupp.img in order to have the full US topo, or is there some other way to get the unit to recognize the individual files?

Thanks in advance,


Not familiar with the nivi but suppose you are using mapsource. You do not create individual img. files to load into theGPSr for  different areas. . In mapsource you make a mapset, do this by selecting the whole or parts of various maps into a "set", then transfer that to the GPSr. Each time I make a map and place it in my 60CSx it will replace the existing map that is there. I would think the nuvi is the same. in that respect. Use the map symbol to select the parst of a map you want if you do not need the whole map.


I *think* the Nuvi 550 has the extended maps name capability. First, make sure your firmware is up to date (run the webupdater program). There are two different styles for this, not sure which would apply to your unit so you can try both.

On my Oregon, I can name map files anything I want as long as the have a .img extension. The files must be put into the \Garmin folder on either a memory card or internal memory.

My Nuvi 1350 is a little different. You can also name the files whatever you like if they have a .img extension, but you must create a \Map folder in internal memory or on a card. It will not recognize .img files in the \Garmin folder.

See if one of these works for you. You should NOT need to bundle everything together as Jimbob describes, although that might also work. The 60csx is an older model and only recognizes one map file, which must be named GMAPSUPP.IMG.


I have a Nuvi 500. And I have always put the maps on the SD card thru MapSource. I have never tried just putting the .img files directly on the GPS or SD card.

Let us know if that works. It would save about 15 minutes of compiling time if it works.


Is there a special SD card that the Nuvi's use or will anyone work? I have a Nuvi 255W.


Quote from: arrowchucker on December 30, 2009, 11:35:43 AM
Is there a special SD card that the Nuvi's use or will anyone work? I have a Nuvi 255W.

    No, All nuvi models use either the SD or micro SD card. I have the nuvi 200 that uses the regular sandisk SD card and my nuvi 500 uses a micro SD card. All maps I have loaded from this site have been put into mapsource then sent to the sd card in the gps unit.


See thats what confuses me it can use either a micro or a normal how do I know what one my 255W uses?


    I think that model uses the regular card. (look for the open slot on the side of the unit) other than that check out your owners manual and if you don't have one you can get one from the garmin website.


I believe all of the 2x5 series Nuvi's use a micro SD card. I have a Nuvi 205 and it uses a micro card. I think all the newer models have switched to micro cards in fact. It should be very obvious by just taking a quick look. The micro card is..... smaller!  :)

BTW, my comments above definitely don't apply to the 2x5 series. It has filename restrictions like other older Garmin models. The 1200/1300/1400 series removed these limits. But I think the 500 series also got this update back at the same time as Garmin released it for the Oregon/Colorado/Dakota series.


  The 500 micro SD is inserted in the battery compartment. (Because this unit is supposed to be water proof) As far as my 200 it has a slot on the side for a regular SD card. But that is interesting, are all the new garmin models all micro SD cards now?


I have a Garmin Nuvi 255W that I got for Christmas  and it uses a standard (not micro) SD card.

Indrid Cold

Never used a nĂ¼vi but what you can do to cover yourself is get a microSD card that comes with an SD adapter. That way the card can be used in either socket. Example: LINK


   The sandisk 2 GB micro SD card with the larger adapter is what I have been using all along. This way I can us it for the nuvi 500 then transfer it to the nuvi 200. I have loaded a couple of topo maps from this site directly onto that card although the 200 is primarly used in my truck.