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Etrex Vista HCx newbie locating info for topo map

Started by mr-bill, December 27, 2009, 05:57:44 PM

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I just joined this site and downloaded a topo map fpr CT and am trying to figure out how to locate a reservoir and see the details. But have had no luck. I'm missing something. I am tring to use this gps when I go kayaking.

Thanks for any help givin,

Indrid Cold



I was able to locate it on the topo map that I downloaded from this site. The location is
N 41 deg. 54.907'     W 072 deg 41.656'.

When I zoom in I thought I would get more detail on the water depths and surrounding terrain.


That would be NE topo by JohnM ?

There is not much lake depth (nor trail) data available for free - so little or nothing to use to build mapsets.  The NE topo mapset used USGS NHD hydro data (from 24K topo maps) - so the detail on shorelines should be about the best there is.  The mapset used a 20' contour interval throughout the 48 States so it is somewhat under contoured for CT.  He also used an elevation grid with 1/9 of the values other map authors are using so the landform detail is more general.