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Do I need Garmin Topo 24k?

Started by Circuitrider, December 22, 2009, 11:07:09 PM

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Hello all!

I am a newby here and have few questions.

I am getting a Garmin 60Csx for Christmas.  With it I ordered Garmin Topo 24k.

I have read on some other sites that I should just skip the Garmin Topo 24k and use the maps available here.

I am a mac user, will that affect my ability to use the GPSFileDepot?

If anybody has any advice on how I could best utilize this site, where to get started and what to read, any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


When you say you "ordered Garmin Topo 24k", do you mean you just purchased one region? There are a bunch of separate disks, each of which only contain a few states. They do not yet have coverage for the full US. In fact, they just got around to releasing the NE 24k topo about a month ago. I think it would cost around $1,000 to buy all of the 24k topo maps!

Many of the maps here will have Mac installers. You will have to decide what is best for you. The Garmin 24k topo's have fully routable roads and most (maybe all?) of the maps here do not contain routing information and can't be used to give directions. The Garmin maps should also have extensive POI's included (like stores, gas stations, etc) which you are not likely to find on the maps here.

I don't think there's much involved with "getting started" here - just browse through the maps and download any that you like. Welcome to the site and enjoy the new GPS!


I have a 60 CSX and like it a lot.  I also have the 24K chip for my area (Washington/Oregon) and the Garmin TOPO U.S. (100K mapping disk).  Between the two, I prefer to use the Garmin TOPO 100K .  If I really need detailed topo maps of Washington or Oregon, I will use the 24K chip.  But, it seems to have fewer POIs and is not as "user friendly."  The other advantage of the 100K package is that it covers the entire US at a very reasonable price.



Thanks for the input, folks.

The Topo I ordered was for the West; CA, OR, and WA.  Looks like it is good software so I'll give it a shot.

Any other advice or comment is still welcomed!


Indrid Cold

Good news, you also get Nevada with that DVD. Enjoy.


I would be interested in the comparison of the Garmin North West 24k DVD and the Free maps here. The free maps are great. One site said the free maps were brighter and easier to read than Garmins. I wouldn't mind buying the maps if they offer more? It would be great to see them side by side on two gps units.