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Upload waypoints to Nuvi ... This is how

Started by Rex, December 11, 2009, 11:23:57 AM

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Using MapSource I can create a route in the PC and upload to the Nuvi but I don't seem to be able to upload just waypoints so I can recall them and navigate to them from my current position.

Is this possible?


Also ... Now that I know how to do this with favorites .. how can I associate a picture with it and send that to the Nuvi from MapSource?


Sure, you should not have any problem with this. The Nuvi calls them "Favorites" though. Press Menu > Where To > Favorites on the Nuvi and you should see the full list. You would send them in Mapsource by just checking the waypoint box in the Send dialog.

You can also have the Nuvi import them directly from a .gpx file if you prefer. Put your waypoints into a .gpx file using mapsource or another program. Name the file temp.gpx, connect the Nuvi to your computer and open it like a disk. The file needs to be placed in \Garmin\GPX\temp.gpx on the Nuvi. When the Nuvi starts up it will read this file and add the contents to your existing favorites.


Holy way-points bat man .... THANKS!

I spent a lot of time looking for that and could not make it work.

Thanks again


That is pretty slick.

Another question.
How can I add a picture to that waypoint so when I select it with the Nuvi I see it?



You can save a picture and description to a waypoint, however they will not show up on the GPS unit unless you transfer the picture to the GPS and attach it to the way point with the unit.

Clear as mud? I thought so myself.


Got it ... save the pictures in the media folder.  Then when you want to go to the way point select it in the favorites like Boyd showed me.  The edit and there is a selection to attach a picture. 

Done!  Now that favorite point will display a picture with it.