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Loading maps to Oregon 400T

Started by scaseyelec, December 15, 2009, 09:37:51 AM

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When loading multiple maps from Mapsource to the memory card in Oregon 400t, the file overwrites the previous file. How do I change the file names to eliminate this. Both files are listed as gmapsupp.img on the memory card.


When connected via the USB cable, Windows sees the GPSr's internal memory and any memory card as additional drives and gives each a drive letter.  Use the same procedure you use to change file names on the computer's 'c:' hard drive; i.e. windows explorer, dos command prompt window, etc.  The gmapsupp.img file will be in a Garmin folder.  Keep the .img extension for the renamed file.


Just rename the gmapsupp.IMG to Somethingmoredescriptive.IMG  ORs accept multiple IMG files.

For safety's sake create your files in the Garmin folder on the microSD card rather than the Garmin folder in the OR's internal memory.

And backup you OR to you PC's hard drive.


Yes, now that the Oregon has extended map naming capability I am doing pretty much what you suggest. After loading a new map, I copy the file back to my computer and change the name to something descriptive like (for example) NJtopo.img. I have a growing collection of these on my computer now. Once you've done this with all your favorite maps, management is very easy. Just drag and drop the ones you want into the Oregon's internal memory or SD card. Then you can just delete the un-needed maps from the Oregon as long as you have copies on your hard drive.

As an alternative, you could use Sendmap20 (free download from to build your mapsets. You can simply save these to your hard drive using any name that you like and avoid the process of creating a gmapsupp.img file on the GPS or the SD card.

BTW, the new Nuvi 1200/1300/1400 series also support this, which is great. Too bad all Garmin units aren't this way.


To avoid accidentially ever overwriting the topo map that came on my 400t in the internal memory I renamed the factory topo gmapsupp.img file to "topo100k.img"

If you'll always rename your gmapsupp.img file to something else you don't ever have to worry about over-writing / deleting any of your exisiting maps.


Quote from: eaparks on December 15, 2009, 03:32:36 PM
To avoid accidentially ever overwriting the topo map that came on my 400t in the internal memory I renamed the factory topo gmapsupp.img file to "topo100k.img"

Hmm... your pre-installed map should not have ever been named gmapsupp.img. That name is reserved for files which mapsource uploads. The pre-loaded map is called gmapprom.img, which is the name that Garmin uses for any pre-loaded map such as City Navigator on the Nuvi series.

Personally I would not mess with that at all. It should be easy enough to avoid it. Mapsource will never over-write this file and it should stand out since it's 2.8GB.


Boyd, you are correct I'd forgotten it was gmapprom.img.  I've had both an Oregon 400c and an Oregon 400t for almost a year now and when I first got them I played around extensively with them experimenting in changing and swapping the gmapprom.img, gmapsupp.img and gmapbmap.img files.  I was looking for an easy way to store all of my Custom Maps in one of the 3 recognized .img files at that time so I could update them without having to reload any other maps.  I had several other Garmin maps in the other .img files plus on the memory card.

I had made the request to Garmin and explained the benefit of not having to reload all one's maps when adding addtional maps to the unit and Garmin finally came through and made the software change allowing us to rename our .img files.  For my uses is one of the most beneficial software updates implemented.


I agree, and it's about time they changed their antiquated file naming scheme!