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Oregon Topo Map Shift when more than one map used

Started by jj, December 04, 2009, 09:52:41 AM

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There is a previous thread in which the cause of an incorrect map position was identified as having lake maps and the WI Topo active at the same time in an Oregon 300 unit.

However, I found that the same problem occurs when any other map in addition to the WI Top (from this site) is used.  For example I loaded custom maps (kmz files).  If the cusom map and WI Top are enabled my position on the map is off by 30-50 ft.  If I turn the cusom map off I snap back to where I really am on the map.

Has anyone else had that problem?  Could this be Garmin's way of punishment for using a topo other than theirs?

Your thoughts are appreciated.


What version of software is on your unit.
I got mine in the REI sale and they said the units had just been received; checking on the Garmin site, I found the software was two versions old (pre .kmz).  A few days later, Garmin again updated the software - I have not downloaded that version.


I just got mine recently at the REI sale as well.  I updated the software when I registered it about two weeks ago.  Don't tell anyone but its a Christmas present for me and I took it out of the box to do all this when nobody was around.  So come Christmas I'll update the software again and see what happens.

Can't wait for Christmas!!


Earlier today I did a test using the CO Planimetric, CO Topo 7-1/2, another custom, Garmin's built-in basemap and a .kmz image at a local street intersection.  Alone and in various combinations there was no shifting of any of the mapsets nor image.  Software version 3.30; gps software version 3.70.