Loading Multiple Maps - Which one is used on the GPS unit?

Started by jostream, November 30, 2009, 11:20:45 AM

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I've got several maps loaded into MapSource.  National Parks West, Topo 2008, and a soon to be loaded AZ (Thank you). 

My question, is how do I know which selected map is used...Does it merge all of the data in each map into a single map loaded to the GPS Unit?  For instance, Topo has all of California selected, I also select the entire Yosemite map from the National Parks map set...which one gets used on the GPS unit when I transfer?


On your GPS there's a menu where you can select which map to display. The location varies depending on what model you have. But maps have a "stacking order" such that one will be drawn on top of another and will hide whatever is underneath.

You will need to experiment around with your different maps to determine what this is. Often, to make the map you want visible it will be necessary to disable all your other maps.

Indrid Cold

It would help you out more if you named what GPSr model you are using.


Garmin etrex Vista HCx.  Thanks  I'll look around for map display settings.

Indrid Cold

On that unit press the "Page" button until the maps show up, the press the "Menu" button and select "Setup Map" and you will be on the "Map Setup" page. From there you can  use the joystick to move over to the "I" (Information) icon and if you press the "Enter" button again you will get a list of mapsets. They can be enabled or disabled there.


I just saw that too.  There is a way to show all, or single out which specific maps I'd like to see.