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garmincsxgps with ibycus finding addresses

Started by deltagps, July 04, 2009, 02:40:09 PM

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I just put on ibycus usa and I dont know how to type in an address and get directions to there. Is this even possible on this device with this software? There is no address on the find menu.    thanks

Indrid Cold

I don't think that mapset supports address searches.


Is anyone sure on this? I need address search. So, if I just downloaded this file and it doesn't support address search, I guess I can't update my maps.


No address search with ibycus. If you want to search for addresses or have the GPS give you turn-by-turn directions you will need to buy Garmin City Navigator maps. The only other possible alternative is routable Open StreetMaps. I have not used these and don't know how well they work, but you can see what's available here:

If you really need to use your GPS for navigating to addresses, I think you will save yourself a lot of grief to "bite the bullet" and buy the "real" garmin maps....


I agree with Boyd, CityNavNT is the reliable way to get where you are going.  OpenStreetMap has some Garmin routable, searchable, options, but, if you are in the US, some of their data is USGS Tiger shapefiles, and the quality of those is variable and could leave you in the middle of a cow pasture.  CityNavNT, however, has gotten me safely into and out of some nasty urban neighborhoods.


I have CityNav, just a version that's a couple of years old that doesn't have some of the recent highway changes/additions on it. I was hoping to avoid having to buy a newer version of CityNav.

Oh well, maybe I'll get it later.