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Garming eTrex Legend, geotagging, and topo maps.

Started by Craddosk, November 07, 2009, 05:16:09 PM

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So, family members are contemplating purchasing a Garmin eTrex Legend gps for me to use. This GPS is currently on sale for $110 (CAN). However, it has been discontinued by Garmin in favour of the eTrex Legend H, which, from my research, is the same machine/body, except for a high-sensitivity receiver, 24mb (vs 8mb) of built in memory, is geocaching friendly, and has outdoor game (irrelevant).

I plan to use this GPS for geotagging pictures, in addition to general hiking.

While the older Legend permit for geotagging? I have found no solid yes or no. Feel free to include any comments about both GPS's.

Both do not accept data cards, according to garmin.

Websites for both are:

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Indrid Cold

The Legend H also has a USB connection for a computer and the Lengend has a RS-232 serial port.
You can geotag with both.


The difference between the two doesn't mean all that much to mean (unfortunately). I understand that a USB port can be attached to all computers, while a serial port is less common, and thus, from quick research, will not permit for me to attach it to my Macbook. Correct?


You can get serial to USB adaptors. I used one years ago and had some issues as I recall.

I had an eTrex Legend C when they first came out. It was a good unit for its day, but I don't think it meets current expectations. The older chips are much slower to acquire a signal and lose satellite lock very easily. Mine used to drop out constantly under tree cover in the summer.

Personally I would avoid these older models. I strongly suggest that you get a model with a memory card slot so you have enough room to store some maps. 24MB is really not much memory by today's standards, it will only be enough to load a few counties' worth of maps. 8MB of memory, frankly, is a joke. That will only be enough for a very small area.

If you get one of these, I think you will soon wish you had spent a few dollars more. The lowest model I would consider in Garmin's lineup is the Legend HCx:

Indrid Cold

Garmin's newer mapping software doesn't support serial units on Macintosh. If you do get a serial unit, the Kingston serial~USB adapter works the best for Macs. Boyd is right, might try to up your purchase to a HCx.