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76 CSX + alaska

Started by greyghost, November 10, 2009, 09:33:54 PM

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I have a 76csx & the old version of mapsource on my old computer. New computer has windows vista & I don't have the mapsource install cd for it.  Would I be better buying the AK sd card or the mapsource 2008?   Also I am planning on purchasing another sd card or two.  Would it make any sense to buy on bigger than 2 gig since I think this as big as it will allow maps to be loaded?
I would like one card for ak & another for when I am out of state.


If MapSource AK is locked (I don't know), the advantage of AK on a card is that it can be used on multiple GPSrs.  The disadvantage is that maps on a card can't be used on a computer for trip planning.  I think most people are better off with maps on a disk that they can install on a computer.  That way they can plan trips.


The latest software will support a 4Gb card and gmapsupp.img file - still the 2040 quad/tile limit.
It will take some time to transfer a large file, and any change/addition you make will require a new gmapsupp.img file to be created and transfered.
If by out of state you mean not adjacent to AK, 2 cards might be a good choice.


I think I will go with the cd & see how cheap I can find a blank 2Gb card or two.


As maps4gps said, 4GB is supported if you upgrade your firmware, and since they only cost about the price of two 2GB cards they offer more flexibility.  I updated using the WebUpdater with my old Sirf 60CSX and have no regrets.  Large file transfers will be HOURS faster if you use a card reader instead of any form of transfer to your GPS, since the GPS is only USB 1.5 or something like that instead of USB2.  Be sure you get a card reader that supports SDHC.  A 4GB microSD card is about $8 at Amazon or  Same price for a USB2 mini card reader.