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60csx track transfer ????

Started by Jimbob, November 05, 2009, 12:42:21 PM

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Am not transferring all tracks when I transfer  NM topo map to the gps. Receive a signal (on gps) that says track memory full. Have added numerous tracks to NM topo directly through map source, only 19 transfer and show up in the gps. Have set up the gps to load tracks onto sd card, and the file (gpx shows up there) but all tracks are not present. The only maps loaded to gps are NM Topo and US highways from file depot.

By the way US hiways does not show up as being present  in map list although it seems to be. Could it reside as a base map? (separet question)
Any and all help quickly accepted. Thanks


Quote from: Jimbob on November 05, 2009, 12:42:21 PM
Have set up the gps to load tracks onto sd card, and the file (gpx shows up there) but all tracks are not present.

First, realize that maps and tracks are completely different entities which exist separately from each other. Changing maps will not affect your tracks - they can be displayed on any map, or even without a map.

I hardly ever use my 60csx at all these days, so maybe they have changed the software? But AFAIK, you cannot "load tracks onto the sd card". There is an option to log your track to the SD card, but that file cannot be viewed on the GPS itself, it's only available for use after copying it to your computer.

With the 60csx, you must use Mapsource to send the tracks to the GPS itself. There is probably a limit to the number which can be shown at the same time. IIRC, you are only allowed a maximum of 10,000 track points.


Thanks a bunch for the help and response. Have determined that this model will only hold 20 tracks max under any situation. To bad the manuals don't inform on this stuff. Realize that tracks and maps are different, was just trying the impossible I guess. Wanted to show many trails and atv roads that are in the Gila National Forest where i live and hoped to do it with "tracks" by laying them out in mapsource then viewing them on the NM Topo.  Seems the choices at this point are to save various files for different areas, each with up to 20 tracks or actually travel the various trails/roads and let the gps record the routes in the daily log so I then have something to refer to.  The logs can then be saved to the sd card unlike the tracks. Since I have not yet done that it will be my next try to see if it will actually do what I want.
Again, thanks for the help.