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Map pg color/appearance on 60csx

Started by TLock, November 05, 2009, 05:21:47 AM

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I recently bought Garmin DVD, "24k West Topo".  This being my first GPS, I thought I could view maps in color like a real topo, in fact I'm sure right after I downloaded maps from dvd to unit I could....Now I'm getting light brown background with 400foot contour interval- very little detail-not much better than the base map that came with the unit.  Not what I expected for $130...any suggestions?  I'll be calling Garmin, but thought I'd try here first


The tan/brown/orange color background is 'correct' on the GPSr.  The yellow in the manual, etc. is not the GPSr color.  I also asked Garmin about this when I first got my GPSr.  Out doors, in sunlight it looks OK; indoors in artificial light it is sometimes 'hard to read'.

The 400ft contours sound like those at the max zoom out (those which would appear first when zooming in from the base map).  The max detail (40 or 50 ft ?) would appear at about the 800' level on the bar scale.