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Need help in Purchasing a Marine GPS for my husband in Morocco

Started by sweetcitywife, November 05, 2009, 10:30:08 PM

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Hello, Im getting ready to go back to my husband in Morocco in December and me and his sister want to buy him a Marine GPS for his boat he uses in the coast of the Atlantic ocean in Morocco, but i am having trouble trying to decide which i want. Cost is an issue, but we also dont mind buying a cheaper brand. I want to spend no more than 200 but may go up to 300.
We want a Marine GPS that can allow for the slot for the card to add the Atlantic ocean, unless there is another way to have this mapping? Also, we just want the Navigation but if there is a cheaper combo unit, with navigation and fishfinder that would be great. But we mainly want the navigation. Can anyone help me? Also, need to know the cheapest place to buy the card for the atlantic ocean.
Thanks in advance for any help, sweetcitywife


Over the years, I have used several different GPS units on my sailboat that I use in the Pacific NW and Canada.  I have had really good luck with the Garmin 192 C.  It is a recently discontinued model, so it should not be very expensive.  You can find it on E-Bay.  You can buy preprogrammed chips for it or you can buy "blank chips" and program them yourself on a computer.  It is small enough to take on a plane with you.  It requires an external antenna which is inexpensive and easy to mount.  The color screen is very bright and useful in sunny conditions.
Byron Robertson