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Another MapSource question

Started by etucek, November 04, 2009, 09:56:20 AM

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Just first want to say that this site is great and thanks to all of you for making this available on the net.

I am trying to download Michigan topo map on my new eTrax Legend HCx.
After downloading and installing a map on my computer I used this tutorial to transfer it to my MapSource.
"How To Load .img Files Into MapSource With MapSetToolkit"

Since Michigan topo is .tdb file I used second part of the tutorial.  Issues come up when I am try to
"6.Click the "..." to browse for the overview map."  In this file there is 100's .img files.  I can choose only one.
If I do this and click install and complete, MapSource cannot be opened. I get something like :Uninstall Michigan topo and try opening MapSource again".

What am I doing wrong?  Also I imagine that all .img files need to be transferred to the MapSource?

Thanks for your help!!!


When I doobleclick on the file it prompts me to install it to C:\Program Files\Michigan Topo
Should I change this?

If I just install file in C:\Program Files\Michigan Topo, when I open the MapSource, MI Topo is not there.


I finally got it!!!
thanks for your reply.

Now I need to learn how to use it.

GPSMap 60CSx

I'm having the same problem. I've posted in a different section of this forum.