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Opinions on the Garmin Oregon 400t

Started by alsj727, October 31, 2009, 11:03:03 AM

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I've orderd a Garmin Oregon 400t. Need some feed back and anything that can help get me get  going.  Will use it mostly on my boat in Florida fishing. Small 17 footer.


I have a 400t and really like it. You don't really need to do anything to get going, it's very user friendly. But I guess my question for you would be, why did you buy the 400t if your main use is on a boat? The 400t has US topo installed. Seems like a better choice would have been the 400c or 400i which contain maps for boating:

Of course you can add marine maps later: But if you don't need the US topo maps, the 400t wasn't the best choice (unless you got a great deal somewhere).

The Oregon 200 is probably the best bang for the buck; it was going for $230 when I checked at Amazon a couple days ago. It doesn't have any internal memory but that's not really a problem since you can add a large storage card. Also missing the compass and altimeter, but personally I don't find those terribly useful anyway.

Regardless, the Oregon is a great GPS and I'm sure you will enjoy it. If you're on a boat and you have 12v power, get a power adaptor for the Oregon. It will save you batteries, and the screen will also go much brighter when connected to external power.


Thanks for the input. I did get a great price on the 400t. Used it on the boat a couple days ago and it's light years ahead of what I had, Etrex Lengend. Also bought a Blue Chart SD card with the eastern Gulf on it. Used that on my trip, found it to be a little busy. Thanks again